Four Weeks of fun

Start Date: February 6, 2017 at 12:01 a.m.

$40.00 Entry Fee

Welcome to the 2017 CFE New You Challenge. The goal of this challenge is to further your education on nutrition and how when combined with CrossFit becomes a powerful tool to achieve your fitness goals. 


Nutrition is the base of fitness followed by metabolic conditioning. This challenge will combine the benefits of both nutrition and metabolic conditioning to achieve optimal results during this 4-week challenge.

THIS IS A FIVE (5) PART Challenge

Part 1 – Food Quality:

There will be 3 parts to the nutrition portion of this challenge. The first part of the challenge is food quality. There will be three levels of compliance.


General Elite Level Rules

  • Eat whole foods: lean meats, lots of vegetable, some fruit, some seeds and nuts, limited starches, no sugar, no dairy, and no legumes.
  • No candy, soda, pastas, wheat/whole wheat, rice, oats, rice, artificial ingredients, bagels, tortillas, corn, or cereals.
  • No, beans, peas, lentils, white potatoes, or soy.
  • No, sugar (natural or artificial) and limited natural sweeteners.
  • No milk, cheese, yogurt, ice cream, or butter (see ghee exception).

General Pro Level Rules

  • Eat lean whole foods: meats, lots of vegetable, some fruit, some seeds and nuts, limited starches, limited grains, and no sugar.
  • No candy, soda, corn, breads or pastas, artificial ingredients. No bread products made from wheat/whole wheat.
  • Only natural sweeteners allowed, and no sugar.
  • Key allowances: Quinoa, white potatoes whey protein supplements, rice, oatmeal (not instant), legumes, natural sweeteners, some alcohol, most dairy (natural), caffeinated supplements, whey protein supplements

General Starter Level Rules

  • Eat as many whole foods as possible including lean meats, lots of vegetable, some fruit, some seeds and nuts, some starches, grains, and no sugar.
  • No candy, soda, wheat or wheat flour bread products, artificial ingredients, or bread products made from wheat/whole wheat.
  • Key allowances: all other grains (except wheat), corn, some alcohol, all fruit, white potatoes, natural sweeteners, dairy, legumes, lemon/lime juice, caffeinated supplements, whey protein supplements

Special Allowances

Natural Sweeteners

  • Elite- only 2 tablespoons of natural sweeteners are allowed per day. These include: stevia, honey, raw agave, honey, coconut crystals, erythritol, and pure maple syrup.
  • Pro- only the same natural sweeteners are allowed, but there is no limit to the daily amount. 
  • Starter- no restrictions to natural sweeteners. Sugar, raw sugar, corn syrup, and organic sugar are not considered natural sweeteners.


  • Elite- eat in moderation only if no nitrates or nitrites and nutrition label says "0" Grams of Sugar. Some are cured in traces amounts of sugar so sugar could be on the ingredient list but if it says “0” grams of sugar it is allowed.
  • Pro- sugar may be an ingredient but only for curing. The label must list "0" grams of sugar.
  • Starter- sugar may be an ingredient but only for curing. The label must list "0" grams of sugar.

Ghee (Grass fed clarified butter)

  • For Elite Ghee is the only dairy exception. When grass fed it is a versatile and healthy fat source with valuable Omega-3 fatty acids. Limit Ghee to 2 tablespoons per day. There are no restrictions for Pro or Starter.


  • For Elite it is in moderation if naturally occurring caffeine from tea, or coffee. Caffeine in a supplement form or listed as an ingredient on the label is limited to 75 mgs or less in a serving.
  • There is no formal restriction for Pro or Starter.

Low Calorie Chewing Gum

  • Elite- 5 calories or less with no sugar and no more than 2 sticks per day.
  • Pro and Starter- No gum with an unapproved sweetener or sugar.


  • Elite- One 6 ounce glass of red or white wine per day with dinner. You cannot save up days for a weekend splurge.
  • Pro- One 6 ounce glass of red or white wine or one 12-ounce beer. You cannot save up days for a weekend splurge.
  • Starter- Two drinks total or either red wine, white wine (6 ounce glass), or 12-ounce beer. You cannot save up days for a weekend splurge.

Lemon Juice or fruit juice

  • Elite- if used for flavoring or cooking (3 oz or less per day).
  • Pro- no limit with lemon or lime juice for flavoring or cooking.
  • Starter- no limit with lemon or lime juice for flavoring or cooking. Five ounces/day allowance for other fruit juice, but no juice from concentrate is allowed.

Protein Shake Supplementation

  • Elite-1 serving of your choice of Protein Powder supplementation if it is taken within 30 minutes post- workout. It cannot be used as a meal replacement or used in any manner other than as a post WOD Protein Supplement. A pure egg white or hemp protein with no added sugar or other banned items would not be held to the same limitation. The allowance does provide the ability to have 1 whey protein supplement even if it is sweetened with sugar or other unapproved sweetener.
  • Pro and Starter- Athletes may have one protein supplement that contains whey or sweeteners per workout they perform. A whey protein with no added sugar or artificial ingredients is not restricted. This allows athletes who are either training with multiple sessions per day or participating in a competition to use extra protein supplementation. It may not be used as a meal replacement.

Endurance Athletes

  • Elite- many Participants may be training for or competing in an endurance event during the Challenge. For any event or training session that lasts for 120 minutes or more of continuous and strenuous exercise a Participant is allowed to supplement with electrolyte replenishing drinks, goo, energy blocks, etc.
  • Pro and Starter- there are no restrictions for supplementation during an endurance event.

Part 2 – Portion Control:

The second part of the nutrition portion of the challenge is portion control. Portion control seeks to ensure that you are eating the proper amounts of protein, carbs and fats that will sustain a healthy active lifestyle and promote fat loss, satiety and muscle growth. This can either be an increase in calories or a decrease depending on your particular goals. Each Participant will receive individual caloric and macronutrient calculations based on his or her individual goals and needs. These numbers will be entered into My Fitness Pal (www.myfitnesspal.com) and meals will be entered for each of the 3 major time periods (breakfast, lunch and dinner) using the mobile device app or the website. Participants will not be penalized for failing to hit particular calorie or macronutrient goals. For this portion of the challenge attempts equal success. All we require is that you enter your meals in my fitness pal.

Part 3 - Hydration:

The third portion is hydration. The average human body consists of 50% to 65% water. It is no wonder that hydration is a critical element of nutrition. The goal of this challenge is to drink 66 oz of water each day. For maximum results, you should strive to drink one-half your body weight in water each day.

Part 4 – Exercise:

The CFE New You challenge is not just a nutritional challenge. We all joined CrossFit for the workouts and this challenge will emphasize your commitment to the workouts. This double punch nutrition and CrossFit will ensure optimal results.

Part 5 – Sleep:  

Rest and recovery is every bit as important as the workouts. If you are not getting enough sleep then you are not allowing your body to rebuild and reset. Your goal for this challenge is to get 8 hours of sleep each night.


We will utilize a points system with points awarded for food quality, portion control, hydration, sleep and exercise.

Food Quality:

Participants will submit their dietary compliance points on the New You Challenge Spreadsheet in google sheets for every day during the Challenge. You will receive an email invite which will give you access to the spreadsheet before the start of the challenge. You will receive (+5) point for every “Elite”, (+4) for "Pro", (+3) for "Starter", and (+1) for "Cheat" for each mean in a time period. for a maximum of 30 points per day. These time periods are Breakfast, Morning, Lunch, Afternoon, Dinner, and Evening. Not submitting results for a specific day before the deadline will result in (0) points for the day. A general rule to define a time period is follows. Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner can be considered the time of meal preparation, consumption, and clean up. The time periods of Morning, Afternoon, and Evening are defined by the times in between those primary meals. A Participant is not required to eat during every time period. For each time period you do not eat you will receive the full 5 points.

Portion Control:

You receive 10 points per segment in which you exercise portion control during each of the 3 main meal periods (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and enter your meals in My Fitness Pal for a maximum of 30 points for the day. You can use the My Fitness Pal app or the website to enter your meals each day.    


You will receive 5 point per 22oz of water consumed per day for a maximum of 3 points for 66oz of water.


You will receive 10 points for every day you register and attend a CrossFit Class. You receive points for a maximum of 5 classes each week. Open box may only count as a class if you complete a workout from the previous week verified by the coach on duty. No exceptions.


You will receive 10 point for each night you achieve a minimum of 8 hours of sleep.

The total Score:

You can earn a maximum of 95 points per day. Scoring is based on a weighted average. 40% of your total points for the week will come from the total food, portion control and hydration points. 60% of your total points for the week will come from exercise and sleep. 

*CFE reserves the right to amend these challenge rules from time to time as required during the challenge to enforce the spirit of the competition.  

(Last revision 2/06/17)